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SS Thorn N' Buck

From The Park To The Pub

The SS Thorn N' Buck
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Created by the lovely kirsdarke, aboard_the_tnb is where shippers of the SS Thorn and Buck from Fictionalley Park come to play, chat, and drink Firewhiskey. Essentially a home away from home, anyone who ships Lily Evans/James Potter from our Fictionalley thread is more than welcome to apply.

Current administrators include adept_starsong, kirsdarke and yeliah_whiskey. If there are any problems, please contact any of us either through the LiveJournal or by e-mail, and we'll be glad to help.

Also, please note that people who want to join this community need to post a comment here stating your username at Fictionalley so we can identify you.

Smooth sailing everyone!